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As my Mentee, you have secure, privileged access to certain content, resources, and tools that when used, support you in making the most out of your mentoring. Who knows what will come up and what we will share!  

You are now on an insightful 4 month journey that will offer you new perspectives and propel you to set some exciting goals and strategies for yourself.

For an Optimal Mentoring Experience :

  • Be open to new ideas and feedback 
  • Make time to schedule the tasks you commit to doing for yourself
  • Keep a journal throughout the 4 months to track your thoughts, insights and commitments.

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Complimentary Session

Anne I’ve been impressed very much by the professionalism of Juliette and her team. A real bonus is that it’s been personally inspiring and highly motivational. I’d recommend the GOLD Coach Training to anyone who’s keen to take themselves and their staff to higher levels of achievement”.

Anne Cooper: Senior Director Sales.

MariaI found the online coaching course extremely beneficial.  Before this course I would often find solutions for staff however the coaching disciplines taught in the sessions gave my staff member an opportunity to think for herself and own her ideas. This transformation was as empowering for me as her coach. I would highly recommend the GOLD course to anyone who wants to improve themselves, empower their teams and create a more effective department. Leave any barriers at the door and come with an open mind!

 Marissa Fiacchi – Marketing Manager Eblen Subaru

"Mark BramleyI engaged Juliette to run a comprehensive coach training program with my group of 12 managers. The way in which Juliette goes about delivering this material is second to none and is the reason for the success. I would encourage anyone who is wanting to impart successful coaching skills to their employees to speak with Juliette and you too will understand the benefits her programs will unveil.”

Mark Bramley Former Sales Manager Companion Credit Union