For Office Managers Leading Gen-Y Staff

How To Create Higher Engagement, Commitment and Greater R.O.I. with your Gen-Y staff. 

The global research is clear.  Leading  and  working with Gen-Y  effectively demands a new  way of  speaking and collaborating: a coaching  approach that can  be learnt in a few  weeks that can easily double your R.O.I.

With Gen-Y moving jobs every 1.5 - 2 yrs at a  cost of over $25,000  to recruit and on-board  their replacement, you need a proactive strategy to  identify, understand, develop and retain your  best performers longer.

I know how tough it can be when you are managing a team. 

  • You need to rely on each individual to get the job done
  • You need staff to do their job without expecting ongoing reward and promotion 
  • You want them to deliver the goods on time, to budget and be accountable
  • You want to support them, develop their skills and retain the best ones at all costs
  • And you want to ensure that your best performers are going to stay for as long as possible

The reality is that many organisations will lose up to 60% of their Gen-Y staff this year to a competitor. Are you at risk?

Nothing changes unless you do

My team and I work with managers and their Gen-Y staff to explain Generational Diversity, what motivates each cohort and help managers and staff see the benefits that each generation brings to the table. This requires open minds and a willingness to see things from another's perspective.

And from there, we work in partnership with you and your team and teach you different strategies that result in far greater collaboration, exciting goals and measurable returns for your business. A key part of the solution is learning how to speak and use a coaching approach with Gen-Y.  

 Our Workplace Coaching Secrets teach  managers to:  

  •  Understand the Gen-Y drivers 
  •  Coach to build stronger trust  
  •  Create a powerful Retention Plan
  •  Stretch and develop their skills and career
  •  Be their champion  


 Apply powerful coaching skills to your leadership style and you will experience...

  • A stronger relationship with your best staff  - something they are looking for
  • Greater collaboration and co-operation from them
  • More enthusiasm in them to search for and find solutions to problems
  • Confidence in  know what to say and how to say it to keep them inspired and engaged 

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Juliette Robertson





How to Double your R.O.I.

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