CoachTalk - Scripts for tricky staff conversations

Over 30 Easy Coaching Scripts in each e-book

for Nailing those Tough Staff Conversations

If you find yourself sometimes wondering "How do I say what needs to be said?", to your team, then CoachTalk™ is for you.

Written by top Australian Executive Coaches, these easy to use words and phrases will effortlessly guide you in how to position a conversation, and what to say and how to say it in those tough conversations that managers tell us they face with their staff - conversations that range from the disciplinary to spotting and developing your top performers....

With these 30+ simple but powerful scripts you have expert help to know what to say when a staff member....

  •   Is overly demanding
  •   Is constantly late
  •   Keeps talking and interrupting others
  •   Is insecure about their job
  •   Is overly emotional at work
  •   Is producing poor results
  •   Has a bad attitude 
  •   Is reluctant to delegate
  •   Can’t seem to learn from their mistakes
  •   Says Yes then does nothing
  •   Flatly refuses your request
  •   Does not respond to you at all
  •   Acts inappropriately
  •   Has been technically careless
  • Is struggling with project planning

Now You Have a Choice.

You can either continue to be frustrated and exasperated when facing those more challenging staff scenarios or you can read and practice how an Executive Coach would approach the situation.

 “CoachTalk™ for Managers” and "CoachTalk™ for IT Leaders" take the stress out of worrying how to approach a conversation by giving you the words to make your daily staff  interactions much easier. 

Choose from our e-books below.

"CoachTalk™ for Accountants" and "CoachTalk™ for Marketers" will also be released later in 2015. E-mail us to register your interest

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