Do-It-Yourself Workplace Coach Training

Self-Paced Coaching Strategies to Coach, Develop and Retain Your Best Staff


If you prefer to learn in your own time, our D.I.Y. Coach Training Kit may be for you.

Our D.I.Y. Coach Training Kit contains the same powerful Coaching content of our GOLD: Fully Guided Course, but it is self-paced for busy managers to do in their own time, at their own pace. There are no live Coaching tutorials to attend.

Our goal is to give you everything you need in a D.I.Y format to help you maximise your workplace coaching skills and your ability to run effective insightful coaching sessions that leave your staff wanting more.


As you adapt your style and use these skills, your staff will :

  • Be amazed by the possibilities that your conversations uncover
  • Confide in you more as the trust increases
  • Collaborate more
  • Uncover creative solutions to problems
  • Become more  accountable for their own delivery
  • Stretch themselves to do more
  • Consider the wider implications of their decisions
  • Anchor themselves to a future with you as their leader.


 You will receive:

  • A 7 Step Coaching Plan to guide you
  • A questionnaire to help you uncover what inspires and motivates staff
  • A simple but effective coaching model to keep your conversations on track
  • Knowledge of how to set up each coaching session so great ideas can be exchanged
  • Powerful open and closed questioning techniques so They do the talking
  • Goal setting techniques used by Executive Coaches that stretch and inspire
  • How to actively listen to amplify what you hear.
  • An easy and effective Feedback model that invites their own self-analysis
  • 7 Principles to live and coach by that build trust quickly


Online Delivery:

  • 7 x 60 minute pre-recorded webinars packed with training and guidance
  • 7 x audio M.P.3 recordings for your portable devices
  • 7 downloadable P.D.F Action Guides for notes including Personal and Workplace Activities
  • Access to our Coaching Secrets Portal for all your materials for 12 months
  • Access to a supplementary video library to support and inspire you.



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