Gen-Y Mastery Program

Do Your Gen-Y Staff Expect Promotion Regardless of Experience?

Are They Restless or Bored by their Roles

Are They Distracted By Other Opportunities?

Then it is time to change your game plan



A  60-minute free webinar that outlines the case for why our Management Style of Gen-Y needs to change

Will your top Gen-Y performers leave this year? 

Research shows that over 60% of Gen Y are changing jobs ever 1.5 - 2 years at a cost of $25,000 per move and it is the best ones who are shopping around and leaving. If you have key Gen Y staff that you absolutely don't want to lose, then I'd like to show you how to take effective action. 

As a former senior corporate manager and consultant , I know how frustrating it is. You have invested your time and energy into them. They've become a valuable team member and all too soon, they break the bad news that they are leaving. You are faced with projects that may fall behind schedule, loss of morale in the team, understaffed, overstressed, a people shortage, no subject matter expert and you are in need of a quick fix.

You are tired, frustrated and don't have time to put up with pandering to Gen-Y requests. So let them go. Now, what?

Why bother?

 The facts show that the churn is not going away. It is accelerating and it's very costly in terms of money ($25K/pp), time, recruitment, onboarding and stress 

Your best staff are going to your competitors

By 2025, with the full retirement of the Boomers  and partial retirement of the Xer's, the Australian workforce will be smaller and Gen-Y will be the largest cohort with a choice of companies to work for. Those companies who are setting themselves up to identify, align with, develop and retain their top guns longer term, will be far better placed to attract and retain the best talent longer.

Why they leave

The common frustration and restlessness of Gen-Y is their strong desire for collaborative leadership - to work for/with a boss who has a genuine interest in their career and can offer opportunities to grow and quickly learn. 

For managers, that means more emphasis on really appreciating the person doing the task.

Gen - Y, actually want the same thing that most people want - to be respected, to stretch, to work in a fun, flexible environment with peers who value their contribution and take the time to get to genuinely know them. The big difference is in how that is delivered. There is a language and an approach that works that you can master in just a few weeks.

Unlike generations that have gone before, Gen-Y are not prepared to put up with the directive "do what I say " leadership and inflexible work routines. Nor do they want to be a cog in a wheel. They aspire to do meaningful creative work with a collaborate team and to work with their manager in a collegiate way. The most confident and capable ones are prepared to walk away in search of it.


How to double your R.O.I . with Gen-Y    

You can extend the tenure of your top performers from 1.5 years to 3 years by actioning a plan and learning some powerful coaching skills 

Select your top  20% Gen-Y staff

Research their level of buy-in to your organisation and measure it often

Learn how to coach them effectively

Strategically plan, agree and time their career path 

Collaborate and activate the plan together with a measurable focus on R.O.I  

Monitor and Evaluate


We will help you put the plan in place.

What Managers of Gen-Y staff will learn during our Gen - Y Mastery Program.  


    • We'll clarify the generational differences and Gen - Y key trends so managers  understand what needs to change to enable an effective and satisfying collaborative partnership   

 We'll be sharing the latest Gen - Y research with you

We'll be surveying and benchmarking your key player's leadership style using analytical tools provided by our partner: The Hudson Group

    • Managers will learn how to use coaching skills to confidently know what to say and how to say it to bring out the best in their top guns 

      Through our 7-week, Executive Coaching Course managers will be trained and learn how to ask the powerful questions to enable collaboration and develop the potential of their top Gen-Y staff. This is our GOLD, Fully Guided Online Training Course available globally.

    • Managers and staff will collaborate to draft inspiring career paths to keep their top staff engaged over a three-year term 

      We'll provide the tools and guidance to help you craft a specific career plan to retain your top Gen-Y staff longer term


This is what Program Participants receive:  


Hudson report Open Vault Access to the latest generational trends we'll discuss with you

 A Hudson, Talent Management Survey to reveal the potential in your Best Staff: Through  our partners, Hudson Talent Management we'll uncover the leadership competencies and  opportunities of your key Gen-Y staff member. Additional Surveys, Reports and debrief's with  your coach are available for an extra cost of $500pp

 A Retention Plan Proforma:   Without a Plan, you are going nowhere. Your coach will provide the tools and coach you to create your Retention Plan .  

HTCYS Registration for our GOLD: Fully Guided on-line 7 Week Coach Training to master the Leadership Coaching Style Gen Y are Looking For

 Your coach will guide you as you learn powerful workplace coaching skills by participating in our signature GOLD: Fully Guided “How To Coach Your Staff training  via our multi-media training portal. You'll be learning, practising and mastering your coaching skills with your Gen-Y staff week by week, supported by group coaching sessions. 


phone coaching Executive Coaching and Group Coaching Sessions.

 Your Coach will support and guide you both as you action your Plan

 On-line access to all templates, tools and materials 




Next 90-day Program for Managers and their Gen-Y staff

begins February 13th 2017

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