Mentoring for Marketing and Sales Leaders

Big Marketing and Sales Challenges?
Need to bounce your ideas around with someone with loads of strategic and operational marketing experience?

 phone mentoring

What if you could pick up the phone and spend a half hour session when you need it to test your ideas, be challenged, get new perspectives, consider barriers and opportunities that you hadn't thought of and hang up with a lot more ideas and clarity about what you might do?

Our Mentoring for Marketing and Sales Leaders is for those who already feel confident in their ability to plan and be proactive, but are looking for some 1:1 support to test their ideas before they jump in.

You have probably been in the industry for a while and know the ropes. You probably already have your plan in place.

That's good, because we wont be helping you with that in this package.  What we will do is listen to your idea or challenges and give you our perspective on how you could move forward to best reach your goals.

Simply check our calendar on the right column for the next available half hour session and book in for your 30 minute phone session. That's it. 

12 x 30 minute telephone sessions